Matt Goodwin

General Manager

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It is with pleasure that I have the opportunity to provide this reference for Gerard Payne who I have known for 30 years.

On a professional business level I have witnessed Gerard grow from a small family real estate business in Shell harbour to a large, vibrant and very successful real estate business in Pyrmont Sydney. This business growth is a direct result of Gerard’s drive, passion and commitment to provide clients with the best possible service and management practises in the industry.

With the help of Gerard’s knowledge, experience and skills he has brought, sold and managed several properties for us and all have been successful investments.

On a more personal note I have found Gerard to be conscientious, reliable and hard working. His open honesty creates a quick sense of trust, ease of communication and approachability. Gerard carries these personal attributes into the wider community giving his time freely supporting various organisations and charity events.

In all of Gerard’s endeavours he has had a strong and beneficial impact which is a result of the courage, honesty, character and commitment that will never leave him.