David Arapali

Property Developer

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Gerard Payne has done work for me since 1985. He has managed my commercial and residential properties.

His strengths as a property manager include:
1) He is meticulous in his selection of tenants!
2) He is thorough in ensuring the tenants always pay their rent on time
3) He always knows what is going on with the property and has kept me informed at all times.

In Property Sales:
1) Gerard is excellent in qualifying people, making sure they are genuine buyers and not wasting

2) He works hard for the vendor in getting a result and would work any hours to achieve a good
outcome. I have no hesitation in recommending Gerard in any real estate role. As a broker Gerard’s broad
range of knowledge in real estate gives him the edge and he works astutely in order to overcome
any challenge. His knowledge and abilities are second to none.